Belts With Hidden Buckle

Want the protection of a Mechanics Belt but don't want to give up your buckle? Then you'll be happy with our new hidden buckle belt. There's still a buckle, but it's hidden on the inside of the belt, safely out of harm's way.

Our hidden buckle Mechanics belts are available in plain black and plain brown. Just $27.95.

Hidden buckle belt
The buckle is on the backside of the belt

Hidden buckle belt

Plain Black with Buckle

plain black

Plain Brown with Buckle

plain brown


Hidden Buckle Mechanics Belts are available in 1-1/2" and 1-1/4" widths. Just choose the style, color and belt width you prefer.

What size? You should order your belt the same size as your pants waist size.

Video: What Size?

Pay regular price for 28"-46" belts. Add $4.00 for XL sizes: 48" and larger.

with $50+ order
(USA only)

Mechanics Belt
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